Past the Edge of Darkness

The Winds of Change
Bringing the cult to heel

Well this session turned out to be pretty cut and dry. The PC’s returned to the leviathan with their inquisitor in tow. They immediately set out to find the source of the corruption rather than simply taking the next logical step and going to the meeting in the blue room and cleaning up cultists that are low on the pecking order.

The group had a hunch that the corruption went high up into the ranks of the nobility on board and none were beyond suspicion for a few minutes. Then being reasonable they decided that the Lord-Militant should be vetted because of his outward aid to the PC’s and their master. They then took the next logical step down and started investigating the Lord-Militants son and with some help of the tech-priests on board they were able to pin point his location to the minute that they took the report.

They then tracked him down at the public ice rink, that was at the back of the Leviathan, and they found him in the middle of a circle of cultists and after some trouble the psyker realized that they were in the middle of a summoning ritual and that was the last straw, and a massive battle ensued.

Roderick the Lord-Militants son had begun shifting into a fully unbound deamon host, and the PC’s knew that if allowed to completely manifest that they would be destroyed. Bolters flared and swords clashed as the final battle ensued. None escaped completely unscathed. After a grueling combat the deamon-roderick thing was finally put down and the psychic force was so great it ripped a whole in the planet and the ship. Astropaths for light years in all directions felt the psychic supernova as the deamon thing died and most of the PC’s were knocked backwards off their feet into unconsciousness. After the smoke cleared a distraught but grateful Lord-Militant thanked the PC’s and their inquisitor master for their service to the imperium and himself. He and Inquisitor Haxtes discussed the best method for disposing of the rest of the cultists and decided that it would be best to purge any and all on board that were not above suspicion, better to kill a few to save untold billions than save a few and risk utter destruction.

Thus ends another chapter in the acolytes already exemplary careers, who knows what other dangers lurk amongst the stars. Only time will tell.

Rescuing Haxtus Victus
OMG Orks! OMG who's flying the plane?

Right from the beginning of the session chaos was king. The players went in a couple different directions, Raltus Bruultor, Zoey Rees, and Elise Di went down to the commerce level of the leviathan and geared up for their upcoming mission, while the rest of the party headed to the Lord-militant’s chamber in order to secure transport and info on how to get there. While apprehensive at first he quickly warmed up to the PC’s after they revealed that they were indeed agents of the inquisition.

After that the Lord-militant gave the PC’s his signet ring it was a simple task to collect the necessary equipment from the master at arms and the info or the latitude and longitude from the astropaths. The PC’s were given a lander and they took off with great haste across the desert towards their missing master.

Night settled as the PC’s approached the supposed location of the inquisitor. Ravion attempted to set the imperial transport down a safe distance away so the party could sneak up on the encampment. Unfortunately, the lander didn’t feel like cooperating and the engines cut off just a little early and the ship dropped down onto the desert floor with a mighty “THUD” that sent up a cloud of dust and alerted the nearby camp of Orks that they had visitors. At this point the Psyker in the group decided to give the group a leg up by looking into the future and seeing what was coming there way. Unfortunately the warp over took Krell Cromwell and manifested as a horrible banshee wail that deafened almost everyone in the group including himself. The keening was so forceful that all the windows were blown out of the lander. Despite their deafness the party sprung into action acting on their own to man the las cannons and shoot at the incoming onslaught of feral Orks.

After regaining their hearing and some more difficulties piloting the ship the players managed to put down a couple of the incoming enemies with las cannon fire before the ship engines cut out again very close to the ground and the remaining Orks jumped on board the ship and engaged the PC’s at close range.

After a long and grueling combat the PC’s triumphed and found their badly wounded and beaten inquisitor in a make-shift cage and freed him. They brought him on board the now badly tarnished and beaten lander craft and raced back across the desert in order to bring the remaining cultists to justice.

Killin' cultists, and finding trouble
All in a day in the life.

The session started with where we left off more than a month ago. The players were standing outside the door of a second cultist they had been chasing after dispatching the first which happened to also be a Dark Eldar. Ravion Managed to unlock the door and opened it expecting to be able to talk the fleeing cultist down from his hostility. Krell Cromwell and Quintos Morvinius readied actions just to make sure

Emily Mu and the fleeing cultist were waiting inside and gave deer-in-the-headlights looks as Ravion moved inside the doorway to start a conversation. The two cultists reached for their weapons but the players didn’t give them a chance and loosed their readied actions. After the first couple rounds the two cultists had assaulted Elise Di, also Ravion had char-broiled the male cultist. A couple rounds after that and some minor injuries later to the players the female Emily Mu had been grappled by Quintos Morvinius and Ravion persuaded her to reveal some of what was going on. She warned the players of “The Bringer of Change” and “the fires that will consume everyone”.

The Eldar in the group Raltus Bruultor immediately warned the other players of who the bringer of change was…..Tzeentch, the lord of change and one of the four greater gods of Chaos, those malign entities responsible for the corruption of the Chaos Marines and the destroyers of the Eldar homeworlds.

After a thorough search of the room where the combat took place the players found a note instructing the cultists to gather in “The Blue room, at noon according to the lords time”. The players also found the servant of Emily who was quick to spill everything he knew and mentioned the name Lavender Prentice. After Krell Cromwell picked up the sword Emily had been carrying and passed a Willpower the PC’s unknowingly went on there way to Lavender’s hab.

After a short walk down the crowded corridors of the leviathan the players arrived at the guarded door of Lavender Prentice. After some convincing lies from Ravion they were allowed entrance. The players were surprised to see a tranquil winter wonderland scene on the other side of the door, complete with quaint cottage with smoke coming out the chimney. Walking between the snow mounds down a cleared path, most of the players headed towards the cottage while Raltus Bruultor stayed behind by the door to keep and eye out for trouble.

Walking down the path the players encountered a mostly nude woman in loose fitting silk clothing laying on a bench in the below freezing temperatures. Her skin was almost translucent it was so white. Krell shook the woman’s shoulder to see if she was alright. The woman opened her eyes and sat straight up and spoke in a monotone voice as she introduced herself as an Ice Maiden and pointed the players in the direction of the cottage to speak with Lavender. As the players moved on the Ice maiden stood and lithely walked down the trail in the opposite direction back towards the entrance and spoke with Raltus and communed in perfect Eldar. She spoke to him of a coming terror and how those aboard the leviathan would not live much longer and that the Ice Maidens would soon all be melted by the flames of change. Raltus tried to console the woman but she seemed unconvinced as the conversation closed.

The other players finally entered Lavender’s house and discussed the note they had discovered. Initially the players presented themselves as friends of Emily and Lavender seemed a bit suspicious of their motives but eventually the player presented themselves as imperial regulators and lavender eased a bit and explained what had been happening on the leviathan and that the Inquisitor the players were servants of had been kidnapped two days earlier by the cult and given to mercenaries who were planning on selling him to Orks on planet. After this explanation from Lavender Krell Cromwell finally failed his willpower save and flew into a blind, warp induced rage. All during this time the name Lss’the’let pounded in his brain and visions of fire filled his eyes. Luckily Ravion was able to disarm him and Krell was able to return to normal only a few corrupton points for the worse. The sword was wrapped up and taken with the players as a preventative measure from it taking control of anone again. With that players decided to track down the mercenaries who had their master Haxtes Atellus Victus and try and get back before the meeting in the “Blue Room” with the other cultists and try and bring an end to their plans before they can potentially kill Lucius, the Lord governor of Hive Tarsus and stop a deamon from being summoned into existence. ::anouncer voice:: “Will the players get to their Master in time to save him from feral Orks or worse!? Will the Lord Governor live through this cultist plot!? Will the Deamon be born into realty to consume all involved with fire and hatred!? FIND OUT NEXT TIME ON ANOTHER EXCITING SESSION OF DARK HERESY!!!!

The Glass Assassin

The PC’s were informed that their inquisitor Haxtes Atellus Victus had been captured by a cult of some kind while aiding the Hive of Tarsus’s lord. The PC’s were introduced to a “trusted” acolyte inside their inquisitors circle. Not only is the inquisitor missing and possibly badly wounded but the Lord of Tarsus is also being targeted by this cult and his life is in jeopardy.

The PC’s began there investigation and discovered that their trusted contact had been attacked while they flew down to the planets surface on their lander. As they investigated further they began to discover devices that allowed people to travel between reality and the web way. The attackers have appeared to be Dark Eldar at this point, but no solid leads have been dug up yet as to why.

The Chamber of Horrors

The true face of what lurks behind the fear gripping Coscarla is exposed and the horrors of the Churgeon’s alchemlab are revealed. The results of this exposure may well force the enemy into the open and the Acolytes will find themselves fighting for their lives with no escape readily available. If this comes to pass, the Acolytes will have to be smart to survive and overcome the Churgeon and her minions, perhaps enlisting help from some unexpected sources to do so. Triumphing over the evils of the Churgeon will be difficult but rewarding, and ultimately will save a great many lives, as well as proving the Acolytes’ worth as new agents for the Holy Ordos.

The session moved ahead from last time with the PC’s investigating the Alms house. The group thought about a way to enter and half the group looked to break in using the windows while the other half decided it would be best to enter under the cover of being unfortunate hab workers out of jobs.

The team that decided to use the hobo-line to its advantage got all the way inside up to the reception desk where the groups psyker Krell Cromwell noticed that ID’s were being checked to allow entrance. Some quick thinking and a little psychic meddling made the poor desk receptionist into a very paranoid person but gained the three PC’s, Quintos Morvinius, Krell Cromwell and Zoey Rees, entrance to the Alms house.

Back with the other half of the team, the Eldar Raltus Bruultor decided that gaining entrance for him and his fellow PC’s would be much easier if a riot was started and he relayed his thoughts to the PC’s still inside the Alms house via Microbead. To kick up the the riot a notch he sent a suspicious data slate message to the narco-gangers that frequented the workers union where he and his fellow half of the group were.

Taking the bait the Narco-gangers believed that their leader had been kidnapped by the Churgeon and that it was up to them to do something about it. During this time the PC’s in the Alms house did their best to incite a riot. Quintos Morvinius failed a tests badly and decided to talk up a guard about getting through a mirror to see what was on the other side. The guard knowing full well that the benevolent facade of the Alms house was in jeopardy he tried to get Quintos Morvinius into a back room where he could be interrogated. Krell Cromwell seeing this started a riot by getting himself thrown through the mirror that Quintos Morvinius had questioned the guard about. During the riot Zoey Rees was accosted by a large man that had rape face on, she shot him and he was killed and this added to the mass hysteria and the poor people thought that there was a run on the Alms house and they started looting what food they could before the place was destroyed.

After being thrown through the mirror Krell Cromwelldiscovered that there were devices that where taking readings of some kind, and with the help of Quintos Morvinius found that the devices where scanning the hiver dregs to see who was healthy enough for experimentation.

After regrouping the PC’s decided to ride out the riot in the kitchens where Ravion discovered an elevator shaft going up to a second floor and a locked freezer that had containers within. After prying open the containers the PC’s discovered that they were filled with cast off human body parts and they all had to take fear test. Thus began the PC’s slow decent into insanity and corruption. =)

The PC’s ascended the elevator shaft after the riot had ended and found a landing with a looted desk and a locked door. Behind the locked door after some trouble with it that led to the locked being blasted a few times by Krell Cromwell’s las pistol, the PC’s were confronted by their first encounter with the Churgeon who swore her plans would not be foiled as she retreated to her lab and left the PC’s to fight her minions the Body Snatchers.

After dispatching them and sustaining some damage the PC’s past an armoury that Raltus Bruultor and Zoey Rees decided to loot as the rest of the PC slogged onward. In the next room they found the Churgeon’s personal guard in an alterior chem-lab, probably where they were manufacturing drugs for the narco-gangers. After a quick battle the PC’s dispatched the poor guardian and continued on their way. The final door stumped them for a moment until Ravion realized that they hadn’t searched the last guard and turned up a key that easily opened the final door.

The PC’s were in the fight of there lives and the initial fear of the sight of the churgeon set Ravion to insane laughter and Elise Di to vomiting for a couple rounds. When the PC’s started snapping out of it and it looked like they could easily outmaneuver and over power the Churgeon a Scalpel Familiar appeared off the the Churgeon’s back and visciously attacked Krell. Finally after an effective team attack the Churgeon fell and the Scalpel Familiar ceased it’s assault and stopped moving. The PC’s were victorious in there first mission for the God Emporer and their careers in his service are promising.

decent into the hive
The trip down to the crush

The Inquisition’s attention has been stirred by the discovery of a body on the Sibellus transit rail. This is not in itself an uncommon occurrence; however the body, under forensic examination, showed extensive signs of surgical tampering and illegal organgrafting indicative of heretical science. The Inquisition has kept the body and the incident under wraps, and has determined it to be that of a missing habworker called Saul Arbest. Arbest was reported missing over a month ago by his sister, from his home in the dilapidated Coscarla Division area of Hive Sibellus. The Inquisition is interested in just how this heretical biocraft wound up in the body of this otherwise unremarkable citizen and will brief the Acolytes as to what is known and dispatch them to covertly investigate matters.

The PC’s meet with Medicae-Interrogator Sand and are given instructions to head down into the hive.

The PC’s investigated Saul’s hab and found Lilli Arbest. After questioning Lilli she gave the PCs the name of one of Saul’s friends Evard Zed. She also informed the PCs that her hab had been broken into the night before and was only saved by the fact that she had stayed in Saul’s hab that night. After that Lilli made good her escape from the growing dangers of the Coscarla sector of the underhive.

With the night cycle nearing the PCs decided to bed down for the night in the abandoned hab of Lilli since the nearest hostel was all the way across the sector. During the night the PCs were attacked by Body Snatchers and after a bit of a battle emerged victorious with only some scrapes and bruises thanks to some fancy sword play by Elise Di.

After surviving the night in the bowels of the hive the PCs struck out again this time to the workers union in hopes that they could meet up with the contact Lilli had mentioned, Evard Zed. Not too much was accomplished at the union in terms of locating Zed save for the bartender telling the PCs that Zed spent a lot of time at the local church. Elise Di cornered a Pickpocket and pumped him for information not coming up with anything useful her fellow acolyte rolled him for the few thrones he had. After that the Eldar in the group recorded a conversation that the Gang Boss “Chord” Luntz was having with his trusted members about a deal he had with a mysterious person he called the Churgeon going sour and how he feared for his own safety now and the safety of his men.

Not having any more leads besides Zed the PCs continued to pursue him and went to the church to track him down. There Krell Cromwell cornered the Preacher Fayban and convinced him through psyker powers that he and his associates were members of the eclisiarchy. The preacher did not take the psychic man-handling well and after agreeing that yes they were indeed other clerics of the church began praying for the next 24 hours.

While Krell Cromwell and Elise Di were in with the preacher the Eldar was scanning the crowd in the sanctuary and spotted the elusive Evard Zed and notified his group. After a light interrogation Zed spilled his guts about what he knew and the last known location Saul Arbest had been seen alive. The PCs ended the session after Zed had mentioned the Alms House, and next time will begin their investigation of the supposedly helpful and considerate people of the Alms House where the poor and down trodden are treated and cared for. After all the best of deeds can hide the darkest of intentions.

Character Creation

We met today to build characters for the upcoming launch date of the campaign on the 12th of June. So far we have a Scum, Tech Priest, Psyker, Assassin, and Cleric. A couple others are still in the works but things are looking good to get started on the 12th.


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