Past the Edge of Darkness

decent into the hive

The trip down to the crush

The Inquisition’s attention has been stirred by the discovery of a body on the Sibellus transit rail. This is not in itself an uncommon occurrence; however the body, under forensic examination, showed extensive signs of surgical tampering and illegal organgrafting indicative of heretical science. The Inquisition has kept the body and the incident under wraps, and has determined it to be that of a missing habworker called Saul Arbest. Arbest was reported missing over a month ago by his sister, from his home in the dilapidated Coscarla Division area of Hive Sibellus. The Inquisition is interested in just how this heretical biocraft wound up in the body of this otherwise unremarkable citizen and will brief the Acolytes as to what is known and dispatch them to covertly investigate matters.

The PC’s meet with Medicae-Interrogator Sand and are given instructions to head down into the hive.

The PC’s investigated Saul’s hab and found Lilli Arbest. After questioning Lilli she gave the PCs the name of one of Saul’s friends Evard Zed. She also informed the PCs that her hab had been broken into the night before and was only saved by the fact that she had stayed in Saul’s hab that night. After that Lilli made good her escape from the growing dangers of the Coscarla sector of the underhive.

With the night cycle nearing the PCs decided to bed down for the night in the abandoned hab of Lilli since the nearest hostel was all the way across the sector. During the night the PCs were attacked by Body Snatchers and after a bit of a battle emerged victorious with only some scrapes and bruises thanks to some fancy sword play by Elise Di.

After surviving the night in the bowels of the hive the PCs struck out again this time to the workers union in hopes that they could meet up with the contact Lilli had mentioned, Evard Zed. Not too much was accomplished at the union in terms of locating Zed save for the bartender telling the PCs that Zed spent a lot of time at the local church. Elise Di cornered a Pickpocket and pumped him for information not coming up with anything useful her fellow acolyte rolled him for the few thrones he had. After that the Eldar in the group recorded a conversation that the Gang Boss “Chord” Luntz was having with his trusted members about a deal he had with a mysterious person he called the Churgeon going sour and how he feared for his own safety now and the safety of his men.

Not having any more leads besides Zed the PCs continued to pursue him and went to the church to track him down. There Krell Cromwell cornered the Preacher Fayban and convinced him through psyker powers that he and his associates were members of the eclisiarchy. The preacher did not take the psychic man-handling well and after agreeing that yes they were indeed other clerics of the church began praying for the next 24 hours.

While Krell Cromwell and Elise Di were in with the preacher the Eldar was scanning the crowd in the sanctuary and spotted the elusive Evard Zed and notified his group. After a light interrogation Zed spilled his guts about what he knew and the last known location Saul Arbest had been seen alive. The PCs ended the session after Zed had mentioned the Alms House, and next time will begin their investigation of the supposedly helpful and considerate people of the Alms House where the poor and down trodden are treated and cared for. After all the best of deeds can hide the darkest of intentions.



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