Past the Edge of Darkness

Killin' cultists, and finding trouble

All in a day in the life.

The session started with where we left off more than a month ago. The players were standing outside the door of a second cultist they had been chasing after dispatching the first which happened to also be a Dark Eldar. Ravion Managed to unlock the door and opened it expecting to be able to talk the fleeing cultist down from his hostility. Krell Cromwell and Quintos Morvinius readied actions just to make sure

Emily Mu and the fleeing cultist were waiting inside and gave deer-in-the-headlights looks as Ravion moved inside the doorway to start a conversation. The two cultists reached for their weapons but the players didn’t give them a chance and loosed their readied actions. After the first couple rounds the two cultists had assaulted Elise Di, also Ravion had char-broiled the male cultist. A couple rounds after that and some minor injuries later to the players the female Emily Mu had been grappled by Quintos Morvinius and Ravion persuaded her to reveal some of what was going on. She warned the players of “The Bringer of Change” and “the fires that will consume everyone”.

The Eldar in the group Raltus Bruultor immediately warned the other players of who the bringer of change was…..Tzeentch, the lord of change and one of the four greater gods of Chaos, those malign entities responsible for the corruption of the Chaos Marines and the destroyers of the Eldar homeworlds.

After a thorough search of the room where the combat took place the players found a note instructing the cultists to gather in “The Blue room, at noon according to the lords time”. The players also found the servant of Emily who was quick to spill everything he knew and mentioned the name Lavender Prentice. After Krell Cromwell picked up the sword Emily had been carrying and passed a Willpower the PC’s unknowingly went on there way to Lavender’s hab.

After a short walk down the crowded corridors of the leviathan the players arrived at the guarded door of Lavender Prentice. After some convincing lies from Ravion they were allowed entrance. The players were surprised to see a tranquil winter wonderland scene on the other side of the door, complete with quaint cottage with smoke coming out the chimney. Walking between the snow mounds down a cleared path, most of the players headed towards the cottage while Raltus Bruultor stayed behind by the door to keep and eye out for trouble.

Walking down the path the players encountered a mostly nude woman in loose fitting silk clothing laying on a bench in the below freezing temperatures. Her skin was almost translucent it was so white. Krell shook the woman’s shoulder to see if she was alright. The woman opened her eyes and sat straight up and spoke in a monotone voice as she introduced herself as an Ice Maiden and pointed the players in the direction of the cottage to speak with Lavender. As the players moved on the Ice maiden stood and lithely walked down the trail in the opposite direction back towards the entrance and spoke with Raltus and communed in perfect Eldar. She spoke to him of a coming terror and how those aboard the leviathan would not live much longer and that the Ice Maidens would soon all be melted by the flames of change. Raltus tried to console the woman but she seemed unconvinced as the conversation closed.

The other players finally entered Lavender’s house and discussed the note they had discovered. Initially the players presented themselves as friends of Emily and Lavender seemed a bit suspicious of their motives but eventually the player presented themselves as imperial regulators and lavender eased a bit and explained what had been happening on the leviathan and that the Inquisitor the players were servants of had been kidnapped two days earlier by the cult and given to mercenaries who were planning on selling him to Orks on planet. After this explanation from Lavender Krell Cromwell finally failed his willpower save and flew into a blind, warp induced rage. All during this time the name Lss’the’let pounded in his brain and visions of fire filled his eyes. Luckily Ravion was able to disarm him and Krell was able to return to normal only a few corrupton points for the worse. The sword was wrapped up and taken with the players as a preventative measure from it taking control of anone again. With that players decided to track down the mercenaries who had their master Haxtes Atellus Victus and try and get back before the meeting in the “Blue Room” with the other cultists and try and bring an end to their plans before they can potentially kill Lucius, the Lord governor of Hive Tarsus and stop a deamon from being summoned into existence. ::anouncer voice:: “Will the players get to their Master in time to save him from feral Orks or worse!? Will the Lord Governor live through this cultist plot!? Will the Deamon be born into realty to consume all involved with fire and hatred!? FIND OUT NEXT TIME ON ANOTHER EXCITING SESSION OF DARK HERESY!!!!



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