Past the Edge of Darkness

The Chamber of Horrors

The true face of what lurks behind the fear gripping Coscarla is exposed and the horrors of the Churgeon’s alchemlab are revealed. The results of this exposure may well force the enemy into the open and the Acolytes will find themselves fighting for their lives with no escape readily available. If this comes to pass, the Acolytes will have to be smart to survive and overcome the Churgeon and her minions, perhaps enlisting help from some unexpected sources to do so. Triumphing over the evils of the Churgeon will be difficult but rewarding, and ultimately will save a great many lives, as well as proving the Acolytes’ worth as new agents for the Holy Ordos.

The session moved ahead from last time with the PC’s investigating the Alms house. The group thought about a way to enter and half the group looked to break in using the windows while the other half decided it would be best to enter under the cover of being unfortunate hab workers out of jobs.

The team that decided to use the hobo-line to its advantage got all the way inside up to the reception desk where the groups psyker Krell Cromwell noticed that ID’s were being checked to allow entrance. Some quick thinking and a little psychic meddling made the poor desk receptionist into a very paranoid person but gained the three PC’s, Quintos Morvinius, Krell Cromwell and Zoey Rees, entrance to the Alms house.

Back with the other half of the team, the Eldar Raltus Bruultor decided that gaining entrance for him and his fellow PC’s would be much easier if a riot was started and he relayed his thoughts to the PC’s still inside the Alms house via Microbead. To kick up the the riot a notch he sent a suspicious data slate message to the narco-gangers that frequented the workers union where he and his fellow half of the group were.

Taking the bait the Narco-gangers believed that their leader had been kidnapped by the Churgeon and that it was up to them to do something about it. During this time the PC’s in the Alms house did their best to incite a riot. Quintos Morvinius failed a tests badly and decided to talk up a guard about getting through a mirror to see what was on the other side. The guard knowing full well that the benevolent facade of the Alms house was in jeopardy he tried to get Quintos Morvinius into a back room where he could be interrogated. Krell Cromwell seeing this started a riot by getting himself thrown through the mirror that Quintos Morvinius had questioned the guard about. During the riot Zoey Rees was accosted by a large man that had rape face on, she shot him and he was killed and this added to the mass hysteria and the poor people thought that there was a run on the Alms house and they started looting what food they could before the place was destroyed.

After being thrown through the mirror Krell Cromwelldiscovered that there were devices that where taking readings of some kind, and with the help of Quintos Morvinius found that the devices where scanning the hiver dregs to see who was healthy enough for experimentation.

After regrouping the PC’s decided to ride out the riot in the kitchens where Ravion discovered an elevator shaft going up to a second floor and a locked freezer that had containers within. After prying open the containers the PC’s discovered that they were filled with cast off human body parts and they all had to take fear test. Thus began the PC’s slow decent into insanity and corruption. =)

The PC’s ascended the elevator shaft after the riot had ended and found a landing with a looted desk and a locked door. Behind the locked door after some trouble with it that led to the locked being blasted a few times by Krell Cromwell’s las pistol, the PC’s were confronted by their first encounter with the Churgeon who swore her plans would not be foiled as she retreated to her lab and left the PC’s to fight her minions the Body Snatchers.

After dispatching them and sustaining some damage the PC’s past an armoury that Raltus Bruultor and Zoey Rees decided to loot as the rest of the PC slogged onward. In the next room they found the Churgeon’s personal guard in an alterior chem-lab, probably where they were manufacturing drugs for the narco-gangers. After a quick battle the PC’s dispatched the poor guardian and continued on their way. The final door stumped them for a moment until Ravion realized that they hadn’t searched the last guard and turned up a key that easily opened the final door.

The PC’s were in the fight of there lives and the initial fear of the sight of the churgeon set Ravion to insane laughter and Elise Di to vomiting for a couple rounds. When the PC’s started snapping out of it and it looked like they could easily outmaneuver and over power the Churgeon a Scalpel Familiar appeared off the the Churgeon’s back and visciously attacked Krell. Finally after an effective team attack the Churgeon fell and the Scalpel Familiar ceased it’s assault and stopped moving. The PC’s were victorious in there first mission for the God Emporer and their careers in his service are promising.


“set Ravion to insane laughter”, you mean, laughing with bullets. Good times.

The Chamber of Horrors

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