Past the Edge of Darkness

The Glass Assassin

The PC’s were informed that their inquisitor Haxtes Atellus Victus had been captured by a cult of some kind while aiding the Hive of Tarsus’s lord. The PC’s were introduced to a “trusted” acolyte inside their inquisitors circle. Not only is the inquisitor missing and possibly badly wounded but the Lord of Tarsus is also being targeted by this cult and his life is in jeopardy.

The PC’s began there investigation and discovered that their trusted contact had been attacked while they flew down to the planets surface on their lander. As they investigated further they began to discover devices that allowed people to travel between reality and the web way. The attackers have appeared to be Dark Eldar at this point, but no solid leads have been dug up yet as to why.


ok, so, i finally got on this website and i remember last game now that i read this. so, im not sure what else im supposed to do on here, it took me a while to figure out how to get started, lol. so, i guess if you need me to do anything else at all, just let me know

The Glass Assassin

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