Past the Edge of Darkness

The Winds of Change

Bringing the cult to heel

Well this session turned out to be pretty cut and dry. The PC’s returned to the leviathan with their inquisitor in tow. They immediately set out to find the source of the corruption rather than simply taking the next logical step and going to the meeting in the blue room and cleaning up cultists that are low on the pecking order.

The group had a hunch that the corruption went high up into the ranks of the nobility on board and none were beyond suspicion for a few minutes. Then being reasonable they decided that the Lord-Militant should be vetted because of his outward aid to the PC’s and their master. They then took the next logical step down and started investigating the Lord-Militants son and with some help of the tech-priests on board they were able to pin point his location to the minute that they took the report.

They then tracked him down at the public ice rink, that was at the back of the Leviathan, and they found him in the middle of a circle of cultists and after some trouble the psyker realized that they were in the middle of a summoning ritual and that was the last straw, and a massive battle ensued.

Roderick the Lord-Militants son had begun shifting into a fully unbound deamon host, and the PC’s knew that if allowed to completely manifest that they would be destroyed. Bolters flared and swords clashed as the final battle ensued. None escaped completely unscathed. After a grueling combat the deamon-roderick thing was finally put down and the psychic force was so great it ripped a whole in the planet and the ship. Astropaths for light years in all directions felt the psychic supernova as the deamon thing died and most of the PC’s were knocked backwards off their feet into unconsciousness. After the smoke cleared a distraught but grateful Lord-Militant thanked the PC’s and their inquisitor master for their service to the imperium and himself. He and Inquisitor Haxtes discussed the best method for disposing of the rest of the cultists and decided that it would be best to purge any and all on board that were not above suspicion, better to kill a few to save untold billions than save a few and risk utter destruction.

Thus ends another chapter in the acolytes already exemplary careers, who knows what other dangers lurk amongst the stars. Only time will tell.



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