Haxtes Atellus Victus

The Radical Inquisitor that is the PC's employer.

WS BS Str T Ag Int Per WP Fel
45 62 37 43 45 57 52 62 37

Never one to go about a problem in a logical or moderate fashion Victus was given his Inquisitional rosette allegedly by a High lord of Terra personally. Victus has long been an optimist of the human condition and believes that if directed correctly humanity could form new bonds with other species and cultures and through these bonds humanity might finally win against the true darkness that threatens to destroy all of humanity. This view alone is what brands him as a radical and has been branded excommuncae by the Inquisition in the Sol system, however due to it’s distance only a handful of the highest ranking Inquisitors of the Calixis Sector know the truth. Because of his relative anonymity Victus still enjoys the perks of his rank and his acolytes are still allowed within the Tyrantine cabals tower. Victus hates Chaos and all the ruinous powers fiercely, but also realizes even with understanding and a willingness to reconcile differences and past transgressions, some races are too dangerous to be allowed to live like the Tyranids and Orks.

Victus got his start as a pirate plying the space lanes for plunder and booty. Years into his service for the dreaded pirate Malyxtrix Tagoxomal a strange man came aboard the ship from a giant Imperial battle cruiser. The two discussed privately for hour and hours until finally as the strange man was leaving Tagoxomal patted Victus on the shoulder and told him that there were great things in store for him in the future and he was to go with the man.

The name of the Inquisitor that mentored Victus is unknown to this day but he groomed the young Victus into an understanding and even tempered man that was fiercely loyal to the idea of a better Imperium and xeno equality.

Haxtes Atellus Victus

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