The Scalpel Familiar

A horrific device created by the Churgeon


WS 40, BS N/A, Str 30, Tou 30, Ag 36, Int 20, Per 38, WP 40, Fel N/A

Wounds 8

Movement 6/12/18/36

Armor 5 all


Detached from its mistress’s back, the scalpel familiar is a spider-like construct of glittering metal with scores of whip thin metal limbs, most ending in some sort of drill, needle or blade, and is controlled by the Churgeon via an underslung human skull equipped with dripping hypodermic fangs and multifaceted lenses for eyes. It moves with shocking speed and will bloodily dismantle anything it can get its blades into in a shower of gore. Despite possessing no visible living components, it will scream like a child and bleed heavily when destroyed.

The Scalpel Familiar

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