Tag: Hentchmen


  • Downhive Dreg

    Dregs are the lowest of the low in the hive, a faceless, numberless morass of addicts, wasters, madmen, petty mutants and the lost existing scavenging on the fringes of society. Filthy, illconditioned and often diseased, dregs are broadly shunned and …

  • The Homonculites

    The Churgeon’s two Homonculite assistants are gholem— biological constructs built using forbidden science from vatgrown fl esh and stolen human organs. They are horrifi cally distorted creatures to look at, with cancerous weeping fl esh, …

  • Narco Gangers

    Narco-Gangs are the blight of the Sibellan underworld, made up of cutthroats and petty thieves. They are criminal scum with no loyalty but to the next payoff or drug hit. Narcogangers are hated by the lower hivers.

  • The Scalpel Familiar

    Detached from its mistress’s back, the scalpel familiar is a spider-like construct of glittering metal with scores of whip thin metal limbs, most ending in some sort of drill, needle or blade, and is controlled by the Churgeon via an underslung …