Past the Edge of Darkness

Rescuing Haxtus Victus

OMG Orks! OMG who's flying the plane?

Right from the beginning of the session chaos was king. The players went in a couple different directions, Raltus Bruultor, Zoey Rees, and Elise Di went down to the commerce level of the leviathan and geared up for their upcoming mission, while the rest of the party headed to the Lord-militant’s chamber in order to secure transport and info on how to get there. While apprehensive at first he quickly warmed up to the PC’s after they revealed that they were indeed agents of the inquisition.

After that the Lord-militant gave the PC’s his signet ring it was a simple task to collect the necessary equipment from the master at arms and the info or the latitude and longitude from the astropaths. The PC’s were given a lander and they took off with great haste across the desert towards their missing master.

Night settled as the PC’s approached the supposed location of the inquisitor. Ravion attempted to set the imperial transport down a safe distance away so the party could sneak up on the encampment. Unfortunately, the lander didn’t feel like cooperating and the engines cut off just a little early and the ship dropped down onto the desert floor with a mighty “THUD” that sent up a cloud of dust and alerted the nearby camp of Orks that they had visitors. At this point the Psyker in the group decided to give the group a leg up by looking into the future and seeing what was coming there way. Unfortunately the warp over took Krell Cromwell and manifested as a horrible banshee wail that deafened almost everyone in the group including himself. The keening was so forceful that all the windows were blown out of the lander. Despite their deafness the party sprung into action acting on their own to man the las cannons and shoot at the incoming onslaught of feral Orks.

After regaining their hearing and some more difficulties piloting the ship the players managed to put down a couple of the incoming enemies with las cannon fire before the ship engines cut out again very close to the ground and the remaining Orks jumped on board the ship and engaged the PC’s at close range.

After a long and grueling combat the PC’s triumphed and found their badly wounded and beaten inquisitor in a make-shift cage and freed him. They brought him on board the now badly tarnished and beaten lander craft and raced back across the desert in order to bring the remaining cultists to justice.



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